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Multi-Digital Protective Relay

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1) Compactness of equipment
D2K-Mpro(hereinafter referred to as 'Mpro'), communication/ instrumentation/control part, and synthetic relay can contained in a compact electronic power distributing board and can be conveniently installed and operated by realizing various apparatuses(panel meter, various protection relays, operation and converting switch, lamp, etc.) used in the existing power distributing board in one device.

2) Multi-functional digital protection relaying function
Power distributing board can be conveniently designed and fabricated with different synthetic electronic power distributing board elements through simple operation of user by realizing OCR, OCGR, UVR, OVR, OVGR, SGR, and DOCR/DGR(option) functions in one IED.

3) Different electrical quantity measuring function of accurate class(1.0 class)
This measures current, voltage, valid/invalid power, valid/invalid power quantity, power factor, and frequency and then provides it on main body display window or through communication.

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